Beer Lanyard FC vs Spurs Legends - JE3 Foundation - In Memory Of Justin Edinburgh - Beer Lanyard

Beer Lanyard FC vs Spurs Legends - JE3 Foundation - In Memory Of Justin Edinburgh

Beer Lanyard FC vs Spurs Legends - JE3 Foundation - In Memory Of Justin Edinburgh

At Beer Lanyard, we believe in blending fun, community spirit, and a passion for football, which is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of Beer Lanyard FC. Our brand, Beer Lanyard, known for its innovative and entertaining products, has now expanded into the world of football. Beer Lanyard FC is a unique team composed of ex-Premiership football players, celebrities, and our dedicated staff. This exciting venture is all about giving back to charity while having a blast on the field.

To kick off this initiative, we are hosting an extraordinary event: a match against the Spurs Legends. This highly anticipated game will feature the legendary ex-Tottenham Hotspur players, promising an unforgettable experience for all football fans. The Spurs Legends match will take place on July 28th at Sixfields Stadium, home of Northampton Town Football Club. With a 2pm kick-off, this is a day not to be missed.

The concept behind Beer Lanyard FC was born from the vision of Jack Whiting, our founder, who wanted to combine the joy of football with charitable giving. Jack's enthusiasm and dedication attracted a fantastic lineup of celebrity players and ex-professional footballers, making Beer Lanyard FC a team to watch. This team embodies the spirit of fun and community that Beer Lanyard stands for, ensuring that every match is an exciting event for both players and fans.

Tickets for the Spurs Legends match are selling fast, starting at just £5. For those looking for an extra special experience, VIP tickets are available, offering the opportunity to meet the Spurs Legends in person. This is your chance to see some of the greatest names in Tottenham Hotspur history up close and personal.

Northampton Town Football Club’s Sixfields Stadium is the perfect venue for this epic clash. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and passionate fans, Sixfields will be buzzing with excitement as Beer Lanyard FC takes on the Spurs Legends. Whether you’re a die-hard Spurs supporter, a Beer Lanyard enthusiast, or simply a lover of the beautiful game, this match promises something for everyone.

In addition to the thrilling on-pitch action, the event will support various charitable causes. At Beer Lanyard, we are committed to making a positive impact, and the proceeds from this match will go towards supporting local charities and initiatives. This is more than just a football game; it's an opportunity to come together as a community and make a difference.

And for all the Love Island fans out there, some of your favorite stars might just be spotted on the pitch or in the stands, adding an extra layer of excitement to the day. With the combined star power of ex-Premiership players, celebrities, and the Spurs Legends, this event is set to be a highlight of the summer.

Join us at Sixfields Stadium on July 28th for a day of fun, football, and charity. Get your tickets now and be part of the Beer Lanyard FC journey as we take on the Spurs Legends in what promises to be an unforgettable match. See you there!

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