Beer Lanyard - The Ultimate CAMRA Beer Festival Accessory - Beer Lanyard

Beer Lanyard - The Ultimate CAMRA Beer Festival Accessory

Beer Lanyard: The Ultimate Beer Festival Accessory

Attending a CAMRA BEER FESTIVAL is a rite of passage for beer enthusiasts. The atmosphere is electric, the variety of brews is staggering, and the camaraderie among fellow beer lovers is unparalleled. To enhance your experience and keep your hands free for high-fiving and handshake deals on rare brews, there’s one Beer Festival Accessory you must have: the beer lanyard.

What is a Beer Lanyard?

A beer lanyard is a simple yet ingenious device that allows you to hang your beer glass around your neck. Think of it as a stylish necklace, but instead of a pendant, it holds your precious pint. This means no more fumbling for your glass, no more setting it down and forgetting where you left it, and no more juggling your drink while trying to enjoy a bite of food or snap a picture.

Why You Need a Beer Lanyard at a CAMRA BEER FESTIVAL

1. Hands-Free Convenience

Imagine strolling through the bustling aisles of a CAMRA BEER FESTIVAL, a sample glass in one hand and a gourmet snack in the other. Now, envision doing the same thing, but with both hands free. That’s the magic of the beer lanyard. It keeps your glass secure and easily accessible, allowing you to move, mingle, and munch with ease.

2. Enhanced Safety and Hygiene

Setting your glass down at a crowded festival is risky. You might lose it, someone might mistake it for theirs, or worse, it could get knocked over. A beer lanyard keeps your glass close to your chest, literally. It’s a personal touch that ensures your drink stays yours and remains upright and uncontaminated.

3. Style Points

Beer lanyards come in a variety of designs, from sleek and minimalistic to bold and colorful. They can be a fun way to express your personality and show off your beer festival flair. Plus, they make for great conversation starters. “Hey, nice lanyard! Where’d you get it?”

Making the Most of Your Beer Festival Accessory

1. Pair it with a Festival Guide

At a CAMRA BEER FESTIVAL, you’ll want to navigate efficiently to make the most of your time. A festival guide can help you locate your favorite breweries and new ones you’re eager to try. With your beer lanyard holding your glass, you’ll have both hands free to flip through your guide and make notes.

2. Capture the Moment

Beer festivals are full of photo opportunities, from the impressive line-up of taps to the joyful crowd. With a beer lanyard, you can quickly grab your phone to snap pictures without worrying about where to place your glass. Document your favorite finds and the fun moments effortlessly.

3. Share the Experience

The beer lanyard isn’t just about utility; it’s about enhancing your entire festival experience. Share the convenience with friends, or better yet, gift them a lanyard before the festival. It’s a small gesture that can significantly improve everyone’s day, making the festival even more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

Attending a CAMRA BEER FESTIVAL is an experience that every beer lover should savor to the fullest. While there are many Beer Festival Accessories out there, the beer lanyard stands out for its practicality, safety, and style. It allows you to immerse yourself in the festival atmosphere without the hassle of juggling your drink. So, before you head to your next beer festival, make sure you have the ultimate accessory – the beer lanyard. Cheers to hands-free enjoyment and a fantastic festival experience!


FAQs About Beer Lanyards at CAMRA BEER FESTIVALS

1. Can I use any beer lanyard at a CAMRA BEER FESTIVAL?

Yes, you can use any beer lanyard at a CAMRA BEER FESTIVAL. However, it's important to ensure that the lanyard fits securely around your glass and is comfortable to wear for extended periods. Many vendors at the festival might also sell lanyards designed specifically for the event, often adorned with festival logos or themed decorations. These can make for a great souvenir and ensure a perfect fit with the glasses provided at the festival. Find out more

2. Are beer lanyards allowed at all CAMRA BEER FESTIVALS?

Most CAMRA BEER FESTIVALS welcome the use of beer lanyards as they enhance the festival experience for attendees. However, it’s always a good idea to check the specific festival’s rules and regulations before attending. Occasionally, certain venues may have restrictions, but generally, beer lanyards are seen as a helpful and popular accessory. Discover more at

3. Where can I buy a beer lanyard for a CAMRA BEER FESTIVAL?

You can purchase beer lanyards online, at specialty beer stores, or directly at CAMRA BEER FESTIVALS. Many festivals have merchandise stands where lanyards and other Beer Festival Accessories are sold. Purchasing one at the festival ensures that it will fit the glasses provided and often includes unique designs or branding related to the event. Additionally, online retailers offer a wide variety of styles and designs to suit your personal taste and needs. Yes please see for more information.

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