Innovative Solution for Beer Enthusiasts: The Beer Lanyard by Jack Whiting - Beer Lanyard

Innovative Solution for Beer Enthusiasts: The Beer Lanyard by Jack Whiting

Innovative Solution for Beer Enthusiasts: The Beer Lanyard by Jack Whiting

The Whiting family, led by patriarch Jack Whiting, has unveiled a game-changing invention for beer enthusiasts: the Beer Lanyard. Born out of a necessity for a hands-free solution at a beer festival, the Whiting family's creation has quickly become a must-have accessory for beer lovers everywhere.

The inspiration behind the Beer Lanyard originated during the Whiting family's annual pilgrimage to a popular beer festival. Kevin Whiting, the father of the family, faced the challenge of arthritis in both shoulders. The lack of tables at the festival led to a frustrating cycle of spilled beers as Kevin placed them on the ground, only to have them knocked over by passersby.

On the journey home, the Whiting family brainstormed solutions, initially considering a foldable table. However, it was a chance encounter with someone sporting a keycard on a lanyard that sparked the idea for the Beer Lanyard.

Jack Whiting, the creative mind behind the innovation, took charge of designing the initial concept. The family decided to put the idea to the test at the following year's beer festival. A small run of 100 lanyards was produced, and they were met with overwhelming success. The Beer Lanyards sold out within minutes, showcasing the product's immediate popularity.

Describing the experience, Jack Whiting stated, "It was quite Del Boy-like, selling our lanyards out of backpacks at the beer festival. The response from fellow beer enthusiasts was incredible, and we knew we had stumbled upon something special."

Fast forward to the present day, and the Whiting family has turned their creation into a thriving business. With their dad, Kevin Whiting, now retired, he manages packing and fulfillment from his home. The spare bedroom has been transformed into a bustling stockroom, housing over 30,000 lanyards, cups, hats, and more.

The Beer Lanyard has not only provided a practical solution for beer festival goers but has also become a symbol of innovation and family collaboration. The Whiting brothers, Ben and Jack, continue to drive the success of their business, catering to the needs of beer enthusiasts worldwide.

The Whiting family, consisting of patriarch Jack Whiting, his brother Ben and father Kevin, is the creative force behind the Beer Lanyard. Their innovative solution has transformed the beer festival and music festival experience for enthusiasts, offering a hands-free and stylish way to enjoy their favourite beverages.

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