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The Success Story of Beer Lanyard: From Start-up to Festival Essential

The Journey Begins

Beer Lanyard, an innovative hands-free solution for beer enthusiasts, was founded by Jack Whiting, Ben Whiting, and Kevin Whiting. The inspiration behind this start-up came from Kevin's struggle with arthritis in his shoulders. Determined to find a way for Kevin to enjoy beer festivals without leaving his pint on the floor, his sons came up with the brilliant idea of Beer Lanyard.

Beer Lanyard now offers special edition Beer Lanyards such as England it’s coming home beer lanyards to celebrate Englands men’s and women’s football team success. Beer Lanyard has also launched a very limited edition run of Pride Rainbow Beer Lanyards - which has sold out 7 times over thanks to it’s success on Instagram.


One Year of Success

Fast forward one year, and Beer Lanyard has achieved remarkable success. With 10,000 orders under their belt, this start-up has become a game-changer in the industry. Their unique product has caught the attention of renowned brands such as Strongbow, Estrella Damm, and even partnered with the Gallagher Premiership Final and Isle of Wight Festival, among others.


A Customisable, fun product for events

Beer Lanyard takes pride in its partnership with brands across the world. Their product is completely customizable, allowing customers to add a personal touch. Whether it's a beer festival, music festival, Grand Prix, horse racing event, Beer Lanyard proves to be the perfect accessory to add to your merchandise.


Breaking into the US Market

With their sights set on the future, Beer Lanyard's next target is to double their revenue and break into the US market. Their vision is to provide beer enthusiasts worldwide with the freedom to enjoy their favorite beverage while keeping it close at hand. The team is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and is confident in their ability to make a significant impact.

Introducing Mates Pack x 4 Beer Lanyards

Mates Pack x 4 Beer Lanyards
Image: Mates Pack x 4 Beer Lanyards

For those looking to attend beer festivals with friends, Beer Lanyard introduces the Mates Pack x 4 Beer Lanyards. This special offer allows you to buy 4 lanyards at a discounted rate, ensuring that you and your mates are ready for the next festival. Keep your drinks close at hand and enjoy the convenience of having your beer with you at all times.

The Mates Pack x 4 Beer Lanyards are not only perfect for beer festivals but also for music festivals like Glastonbury, sporting events like Silverstone F1, camping trips, and even the school run. These lanyards are designed to hold pint glasses, plastic cups, coffee mugs, and even baby bottles, making them versatile and suitable for any occasion.

Don't miss out on this fantastic multi-buy offer. Get your Mates Pack x 4 Beer Lanyards and ensure you and your friends have the ultimate hands-free beer festival experience. Visit here to grab yours now!

Join the Beer Lanyard Community

Beer Lanyard's success goes beyond their product. They pride themselves on exceptional customer service and fulfillment. With a strong presence on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, they keep their customers engaged and informed about the latest updates and promotions.

So why wait? Join the Beer Lanyard community today and experience the freedom and convenience of the ultimate beer festival accessory. Hurry, because these lanyards sell out fast!



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